Petroselinum Crispum (Hamburg Turnip Rooted Parsley) Seeds


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Turnip Rooted parsley is a special variety of flat leaf parsley with a bonus. This variety offers all the same benefits of standard flat leaf parsley above ground. Below ground, it forms thick taproots that can be grated and used in dishes. This parsley root is often compared to parsnip in taste and use. Parsely plants are biennial. After you cut the foliage, you can wait for the roots to sprout again. Or you can choose to pull up the roots anytime after it has been established and use the roots. This is better than intercropping, This is duel cropping.

Planting successive crops will ensure you a steady supply oof leaf and roots all season long. Parsley requires minimal space and can be grow in containers, raised beds or in the ground. Parsley is rich in anti-oxidants, Vitamins C, A and K. The latter is important for bone health and blood clotting. It is also a diuretic, which can help cleanse your system of toxins while reducing bloating and blood pressure. You can incorporate more parsley into your diet by making salads, such as Shephard’s salad or even adding to your regular lettuce salad. Pregnant women should avoid excessive consumption of parsley.

Growing Information:

Turnip rooted parsley can be grown like any other parsley. The seeds should be soaked for 24 hours in warm water. The sow them close together with just about 1/8” of soil to keep them from washing away or drying out. You can use any well-draining fertile soil. Avoid compact soils. The existing soil in your vegetable garden is likely to be fine. You can even use native soil amended with compost.  Optimal Ph is 5.5-6.7. It does well in full sun to partial shade.

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