Anethum Graveolens (“Bouquet” Dill) Seeds


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Dill is an easy-to-grow, annual herb that has both culinary and medicinal uses. As a spice it can be used dried but is particularly invigorating when used fresh. Plants mature quickly and produce seeds which are also useful in the kitchen. The seeds are a primary flavoring for pickles and the fresh herb goes great in soups, salads, seafood dishes and much more. As a medicinal herb, it is used to settle stomachs and reduce gas. Chewing fresh foliage helps freshen breath, and the oil is used as an aromatic as well as food flavoring and an ingredient in soaps.

Growing Information: Dill is easy to grow in most soils. Choose a location with great sunlight. Sow seeds outside after the last frost by just pressing into the surface of your soil. Space your dill seeds about an inch apart and thin out your plants when they are about three inches high.  Harvest fresh dill when the plants are still young. Dill plants are considered overly mature when they go to flower. To maintain a constant supply of fresh dill replant every few weeks.

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