International Orders

International Orders





In purchasing, international buyers agree to accept the risk of arrival. We cannot replace lost or seized items. Tracking and insurance can only be added to items sent with registered or express mail. USPS does not offer any tracking or insurance options for regular mail. The $13.65 international insurance fee on this listing adds registered mail. These items are trackable and insured up to $49.99. This is the most secure method of shipping. Please understand that a very small percentage of orders go missing without notice, most likely because they are lost or shredded by postal sorting machines. We will send all buyers our international shipping policy email once payment is received. We cannot ship items until we receive your reply. They will remain on hold until we hear back. PLEASE NOTE that all communication will be sent to the address you use for Paypal. If that address is not valid, you may reach us at




-We understand that our shipping policy may be different than that of other companies. Some buyers may see it as an inconvenience that causes delays. But in our years of having this policy, we have also found that many buyers are grateful that we take the time to notify them. The truth is that the nature of our products presents unique factors that create the need for such a policy. We have seen other websites which specify that they are not responsible for international orders once they are sent. We actually make a sincere effort to make sure that every international buyer actually agrees with this policy before we ship. We understand that many buyers do not speak English fluently. By requiring them to agree by email, this gives them an opportunity to ask questions about anything they do not understand. If you do not agree to the terms beforehand, we will gladly cancel the sale before the item is shipped and refund payment in full. Our goal is not to force anyone into anything. Our goal is to set forth an agreement beforehand. Some sites will choose not to ship internationally at all. We compromise by doing business with those buyers who are willing to do business under our terms. The vast majority of our orders arrive without any problems, and we do everything we can to ensure that they do. But the truth is that some orders will not arrive. Otherwise, we would not need to have any type of policy. If you are one of the unlucky ones, particularly if it is your first order with us, it is natural to think that this is a scam. So we encourage you to check out our feedback on various auction sites. You will notice that there are going to be some complaints from international orders that did not arrive. We are telling you that this happens to some orders. But you will also see many international buyers that leave us positive feedback and who are repeat buyers. We send out hundreds of international shipments every month, and we have many international buyers that have been customers for years. That seems to be the best proof we can offer that our intentions are good. But with that said, consider everything. If you have any doubts, we ask that you please decide beforehand whether you want to do business with us. We respect your decision either way.

All shipping policy emails are sent to the email address used during Checkout. If you do not receive a shipping policy email from us after payment, please be sure to contact us at

1. US mail simply does not offer any affordable options for sending items out of the United States with tracking or insurance. The only options that include both of these services are Registered mail and Express mail. The cost of registered mail is $13.65 plus the actual shipping. Express mail is even more expensive. To require this cost for all international orders would make the cost too high for most buyers to want to do business. But as an alternative to accepting any possible loss, we do offer these options to all international buyers.  If an order is over 1/8″ thick, we will use a customs form.  The customs for m number will show the item was accepted by USPS. But it will not update tracking once the package leaves New York.  For small orders, we will not use a customs form. So please specify when accepting the terms if you prefer we use a customs form.

2. Seeds and other plant products are subject to greater scrutiny than other items when it comes to customs. This creates much more need for the type of policy we have than it would for another type of business. The laws of each country are different. While a plant species may be legal to possess and even grow in a given country, they may have certain restrictions on importation. Every order presents some risk, even if you have ordered successfully from us before.

3. We do a large amount of international business with hundreds of international orders per month. While the percentage of problems is low, there are still a few orders per month that go missing. We simply cannot endure the loss for every one of these instances. It would cause instability in our overall business plan, which would ultimately lead to higher prices.