About Us

World Seed Supply been a supplier of some of the most exotic and hard-to-find seeds, herbs, plants and cacti since 2003.  I began on Ebay, selling as a hobby, until I decided to make this a full-time gig a few years later.  The timing could not have been better seeing as I had just completed grad school and passed all my certification tests to be a teacher.  Unfortunately, the internet was only really taking off when I entered college, and this type of career path was not something I would have planned for.  But having always taken an interest in business, I saw that it was worth giving two degrees up to pursue my passion.

The name World Seed Supply was an obvious choice. It does make sense given our worldwide presence, with hundreds of international sales every month. But the real reason is that my family has used the name “World” for business going back a few generations, including World Trucking, World Parking, World Seafood and of course World Satellite TV. So for those of you who’ve shopped our main Ebay store, you will now understand how the user ID, Worldsatellitetv, pertains.  You can also find us under WorldSeedSupply where we primarily offer specialty plants.  But for official purposes, as if it was not confusing already, the name of our company is World SS Inc.

Our passion has always been to collect and offer as many unique products as we can.  We specialize in medicinal herbs and ethnobotanicals. At this point, we stock over 600 unique products.  We’ve come to be relied upon by many as a dependable source for the unique seeds and botanicals they are looking for.  This has been especially true for international buyers who have a harder time finding the types of products we offer. When they can find them, the prices they get are often over-inflated. We’ve built our reputation on charging reasonable prices even when we don’t have to.

These days, World Seed Supply lives up to its name, offering wholesale and retail to business and growers everywhere. We receive frequent inquiries from people seeking advice about starting their own businesses, and we offer dropshipping for other sellers.  We also work with multiple growers to offer a wide range of live plants and cacti. We’re always looking to partner with people in any way that allows us to offer more to our customers. So if you’re a grower, reseller or supplier, we’d love to hear from you too.  This website is just the face of our business. Don’t be afraid to let us know if there’s something you need.

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