Agave Tequileana (Weber’s Blue Agave) Seeds


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Blue agave is a succulent plant native to Jalisco, Mexico. Growing in rosettes of thick, spiky leaves, this is the primary agave species used in the tequila industry. Especially in recent years, the demand for 100% blue agave tequila has increased. The liquor is made from the hearts of the plant, which are called pinas because they resemble pineapples once the leaves are removed. Processing the pinas into tequila occurs after twelve years of growth. A single pina can weigh almost 200 lbs. Most blue agave plants in commercial growing are cloned in order to give more predictble and uniform growth. The downside of this is a lack of genetic sharing. Despite large population of commercial plants in Mexico, the seeds are surprisingly scarce in ornamental cultivation in comparison with those of other agave species. We are happy to be able to offer these in limited supply.

More on Blue Agave and Tequila Production

Growing Information: Blue agave prefers a sandy, alkaline, well-draining soil. A commercial cactus mixture is suitable. One way of planting is to place the seeds sideways with the rims of the seeds pointing down into the soil. The opposite side of the rim should be just about equal with the soil line. Keep the soil warm and moist, not wet. Agave does best at high altitudes (about 1500 feet) although this is not required. Plants can tolerate mild freezing. They are considered hardy to zone 9b. Plants will usually not set seed in cultivation.

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