Lophophora Mix (Peyotillo) Seeds


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This is our lophophora mix, which contains a mix of the different lophophoras we offer.  This pack is ideal if you want more variety and are less concerned about labeling each individual plant. We also offer packs of individual lophophora species if you prefer them that way.  Lophophora is an ideal candidate for grafting onto pereskiopsis, which can speed up a lophophora seedling’s growth exponentially. Unfortunately,the law in California a was written in a way that it prohibits the entire genus, so we cannot ship there.

SORRY no sales to California or where prohibited

Growing Information: https://www.worldseedsupply.com/germination-of-cacti-such-as-san-pedro-cactus-peruvian-torch-and-other-spiny-friends/

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