Daucus Carota (Little Finger Carrot) NON-GMO Seeds


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Little Finger carrots are perfectly snackable,  bite-sized mini carrots. Perfect for dipping without any knife prep, little finger carrots are sure to have some plate appeal at your next gathering or dinner party. They were developed as a gourmet carrot in France with a nice a sweet flavor and lacking any significant core. They get to be no more than 3” in length. If you’re new to growing carrots, these can be more forgiving since there is no pressure to be a certain size.  You can space lots of these relatively close together so you can still yield well in a small space and harvest as you need throughout the season. BY planting successive crops, you can have these for most of the season. You can even plant carrots up to 12 weeks before frost, covering them with mulch during the winter for a spring crop that is ready to go. You might even try these indoors under lights. They are also popular for canning and pickling, and the young tender tops are also edible

Growing Information:

Carrots enjoy a loose well-draining sandy soil with a ph of about 6-6.5 in full sun. Sow your seeds shallowly. If sowing outdoors, wait until the soil temperatures are about 50-55 degrees F. Typical carrot spacing Is about 2-4”,but you can go even closer with these. If you want even smaller carrots, you can sow them like parsley or cilantro. Harvest anytime between 6-10 weeks.

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