Vaccinium Corymbosum (Souuthern Highbush Blueberry) Seeds


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Blueberries are expensive at the market, but you can grow your own for relatively very low cost. Fill your yard with rows of the fruit-bearing berry bushes. Highbush Blueberry, which is native to North America, has somewhat limited cold tolerance in the very north, but it will do well in zones 6-10. These sun-loving shrubs can reach ten feet with maturity, producing several pounds of blueberries per bush. As a favorite snack of birds and animals, aside from bringing a bounty of fruit, your blueberry bushes are likely to attract wildlife to the area. Blueberry, as a species, depends on these animals to proliferate the seeds, and they rely on insects and bees to pollinate the flowers. To increase your blueberry yield, consider companion planting with another species that attracts these pollinators. We offer several choices such as lemon bee balm (monarda citriodora), meadow sage (salvia nemerosa), or purple coneflower (echinacea. Purpurea). All of these plants have their own herbal uses, so they can function together with dual purpose. Be sure to select a site with full sun and a soil that is well-draining with plenty of organic matter. The soil should be on the acidic side as well. Compost should meet both of these needs.

Growing Instructions: Soak the seed sin water for 24 hours prior to sowing. Ideally, the seeds should be cold stratified in the fridge for 60 days. You can keep them in a moist paper towel or atop your planting medium in the fridge. After that period, the change to regular temperature should trigger the seed’s internal clock, making it believe it is springtime. It is common in many northern species for temperature fluctuation to play a role in triggering germination. Certainly, this can cause difficulty for some growers. The seeds are very tiny, so they should be sown on the surface of the soil. Do not bury them. Some shade during the early stages is ok, although these plants prefer full sun as they mature.

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