Uncaria Tomentosa (Cat’s Claw/ Una de Gato) Seeds


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We are very proud to offer cat’s claw (uncaria tomentosa) seeds from Peru. This is an extremely rare plant to find in cultivation. Cat’s claw is a woody vine and medicinal herb from the upper Andes of Peru whose name refers to its unique thorns. There are other plants that go by the name cat’s claw, but this is the most desirable one. In Spanish, it is called Una de gato. Cat’s claw has a number of interesting alkaloids.  Rhynchophylline, cat’s claw’s primary alkaloid, is used in China as a treatment for hypertension and headache. Cat’s Claw is used in herbalism for an number of uses, especially anti-inflammatory effects, detoxification, immune support and mood. There has also been speculation about cat’s claw as a potential treatment for cancer and AIDS. Animal and lab studies show promise, but further research is needed to make any definitive claims. Cat’s Claw is a rich source of antioxidants as well. Please note that the picture on this page shows uncaria guianensis, which is a related species.

Growing Information: We have very limited information on growing cat’s claw seeds. But the seeds and pods are similar to those of mitragyna spp, so similar methods should work. Sow the seeds on the surface of the soil and do not cover with any soil. Just press the seeds into the top of the soil and spray them to moisten them. Keep a loose cover over the top of your container that allows airflow but that will also keep the soil from drying out. Keeping the soil airtight may cause mold on the surface f the soil, so you want to avoid that. These are tropical seeds, so be sure to keep the soil warm. 80 degress is probably ideal. These are fresh seeds, but they are naturally difficult to germinate. That is the nature of many tropical seeds, so we cannot refund for any seeds that do not germinate.

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