Banisteriopsis Spp. (“Sky Blue” Yage) seeds


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After a number of requests, World Seed Supply has been able to procure stock of a rare yage vine variety known commonly as Sky Blue.  We have very limited information regarding this plant, except that is is apparently another variety of yage vine.  The seeds resemble those of banisteriopsis caapi and banisteriopsis muricata in the sense that they are winged and grow in clusters.  You can see from our gallery pictures that Sky Blue yage seeds form in clusters of three, connecting at the tip, where the actual seed is container and meeting along the inner edge of the wing.  he wing is merely a method of dispersal for the seed. These seeds are harvested from the Peru.  Since growing info on these is very limited, we are providing the growing information for banisteriopsis caapi until we have more information. The seeds can certainly be sown with the wing tip up as with caapi seeds and banisteriopsis muricata seeds.  GA-3 is certainly recommended as with other yage seeds. We look forward to learning about this new species, and we welcome your input and experiences to put this information out there to the public.

We also offer several other types/strains of yage seeds and several types of live yage plants.

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