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Now offering seed from Hawaiian-grown chacruna. . We’ve identified the mother plants to be psychotria viridis.  A surprising number of plants sold in the U.S. are misidentified as psychotria alba, which is more common and easier to grow. Growing psychotria from seed is not easy, but you can be guaranteed you will have the correct species.  After you gain your own plants, you can easily propagate new ones from stem cuttings and even leaf cuttings. A single leaf can root and sprout more then one plant! Each lot contains fully cleaned mature seeds. Also offering psychotria alba seeds and rooted leaf cuttings.

Psychotria viridis is a tropical evergreen native to the Amazon jungle. This member of the rubiaceae family is related to coffee and has glossy green foliage that gives the two a similar appearance. Psychotria viridis grows to about fourteen feet in the wild, but tends to be a bit smaller in cultivation. It can also be pruned and grown as an indoor plant. The pruned stems and even a single leaf can be rooted to propagate new plants during this process. Psychotria viridis likes filtered sunlight, and so it does well indoors. If kept outdoors year round or if moved out for the warmer months, this plant will develop whitish-green flowers that are replaced by berries that start out green, then turn orange and eventually turn bright red.  The berries each contain two seeds. Psychotria viridis is also known as chacruna in South America. It is valued by plant collectors for its sacred connection to various Indian tribes in Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Columbia.

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