Banisteriopsis Rusbyana (Rubyana Yage / Caapi) seeds


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Banisteriopsis Rusbyana is one of the newest members of the malpighiaceae family that we had an opportunity to offer. This relative to banisteriopsis caapi is so rare that there is currently very little known or published. Online, it is sometimes listed as banisteriopsis rubyana. But it does appear in literature at banisteriopsis rusbyana. Rusbyana is also the name our source uses.  Christian Ratsch has described rusbyana as a synonym for diploptery cabrerana in his encyclopedia. However, we believe that to be a mistake based on the appearance of the seeds. The seeds certainly look more like those of banisteriopsis caapi, and even more like those of banisteriopsis muricata. They look different than diplopterys cabrerana seeds we have seen before, which look closer to the diplopterys lucida seeds we also have available. We have long been trying to help sort out the differences in several malpighiaceae vines. When you see one so rare that even the experts are unsure, it certainly deserves further investigation. We have pictures of the mature plants where they were harvested, and we hope this will open some new doors to information. We look forward to these being grown, studied and written about.

Growing Information: We have no established growing information on this particular species, but it can be assumed they would follow similar growing techniques to banisteriopsis caapi. Bury the seed head at the bottom of the wing, leaving about half the wing buried.  Keep moist but not to wet. Germination typically takes several weeks, so maintain moisture and be patient. We are selling these seeds fresh and for a limited time. We cannot replace or refund for any seeds that fail to grow.

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