Diplopterys Lucida (Malpighiaceae) seeds


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Diplopterys Lucida is another extremely rare member of the Malpighiaceae family, which contains banisteriopsis caapi and diplopterys cabrerana. We have seen these seeds also referred to as banisteriopsis lucida, but they are more commonly listed as a diplopterys species. The seeds look similar to those of diplopterys caberana that we have seen with the augmented tip at the base of the wing. Based on our experience and some research, this is more of a characteristic associated with diplopterys. This is the first species of the genus that we have been able to offer. There are some botanical references to this plant available, but there is very limited written about it. We are very excited to bring this plant to the forefront for those of you who enjoy researching new species. We are also offering banisteriopsis rusbyana newly along with these.

Growing Information: We have no established growing information on this particular species, but it can be assumed they would follow similar growing techniques to banisteriopsis caapi. Bury the seed head at the bottom of the wing, leaving about half the wing buried.  Keep moist but not to wet. Germination typically takes several weeks, so maintain moisture and be patient. We are selling these seeds fresh and for a limited time. We cannot replace or refund for any seeds that fail to grow.

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