Saccharum Officinarum (Green Sugar Cane) – LIVE PLANT CUTTING


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We offer rooted green sugar cane cuttings. This very sweet variety is good for chewing. Sugar cane can also be boiled down to make molasses, a thick gooey liquid that is well-known in the kitchen. But molasses is a good nutritional support out in the barn. Mo[asses helps provide a boost for livestock like goats and chickens, especially newborn or those that are sick or dealing with harsh weather. Sugar cane  is essentially a giant grass, and as such it is rather hardy and easy to grow. Contrary to popular belief, sugar cane can handle some freezing, especially if you mulch the base of the plants. Simply cut back your stalks at the end of the season. You can leave about 8″-15″ so you keep some viable nodes, and bury the entire thing with mulch for the winter. You may not even need to bring them in for the winter.  Once established, sugar cane grows rapidly.  Sugar cane can be a good way to make use of unprepared growing space because it will grow in sandy soil where you might not be able to grow fruits and vegetables. As you might expect, sugar cane  will grow more vigorously in good fertile soil dressed generously with compost.  A single established cutting can produce 4-5 stalks in a season. Sugar cane is a good winter project because you can work on getting the plant’s roots further established inside. This doesn’t require any particular effort other than giving the plant some light and ample root space. But the more you do this will give you a bigger edge once the plants go outside. Each stalk you grow can easily make many more cuttings, which are easy to root in just pain water or moisten coco coir. So you can build up a supply exponentially.  Sugar cane pulp is also great in the garden, as a mushroom substrate or as food for vermicomposting. The leaves are potential food for livestock such as goats and rabbits, Cats also seem to enjoy them! 


Growing Information: Our cuttings are rooted in coir and have formed thick dense mats of roots. Keep these planted on the side in a large container or the ground. As the roots build up enough energy, they should send up a stalk. Bury the cutting and all the roots in a fertile, well-draining soil so that the top of the segment sees some light. Once established, sugar cane likes a well-draining, fertile sandy soil and full sun. They will survive with less sun, but they thrive in hot, humid environments.

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