Curcuma Zedoaria (White Turmeric) – Live Plant


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We are now offering white turmeric plants.. White turmeric is much rarer than it’s well-known yellow cousin. White turmeric boasts many of the same benefits as yellow turmeric but is reported to be 6 times more bioavailable! That means 6 times more of the active curcuminoids are able to absorb into the body.

White turmeric plants are an easy-to-grow perennial with attractive leaves and beautiful pink and white flowers that rival anything a florist shop has for sale. White turmeric plants can be grown easily as houseplants in a window or as an outdoor perennial in zone 8a and warmer. It i s a great permaculture plant, which requires little maintenance and is ready for harvest when you need it. Many ginger varieties are grown as ornamental plant. This one offers food, medicine and aestheics. White turmeric root has an aroma that has been compared to mango and a flavor that is closer to ginger, which is also a relative of turmeric

We ship live plants on Mondays and Tuesdays only, so please allow at least 1 week for shipping. SORRY, NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING ON LIVE PLANTS.

**Buyer is responsible for frozen plants. USPS is heated, so the plant will be fine unless you leave it at your door too long. But if you are in a cold area and cannot get the plant right away, signature confirmation can be added to the shipping cost. They will hold the plant until you pick it up.



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