Morus Rubra (Dwarf Everbearing Mulberry) – Live Plant


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Red Mulberry is one of the most productive sources of fruit in zones 5-10. The dwarf everbearig variety will produce fruit throughout the season once it begins and  can be pruned to be a compact bush on a patio or in a small year that does not have room for most larger fruit trees. Even many other dwarf fruit trees require a bit more space. This can be maintained to fit just about any outdoor area. At the same time, the dwarf everbearing mulberry can be grown into a larger tree. Ideal for permaculture, mulberry trees can grow quickly once established. These can begin fruiting within a year two, going on to produce bounties of berries, especially compared to raspberry and blackberry bushes. If you have chickens, you can plant these near your coop or overhanging your run. They will provide an everbearing snack for your feathery friends, and the chickens will help keep the ground clear of fallen berries. Even muberry leaves can be used as food and medicine. They are edible to goats and rabbits. Mulberry leaves are the sole food source for silkworms, and they also help support bird and animal life. Mukberry trees can tolerate some shade. Multiple trees may help increase productivity, and they can be reproduced via softwood cuttings in the spring.

Mulberry plants do not require any special plant expertise. They are considered a good beginner fruit tree becuse they are more forgiving than other fruit bearing plants. Keep them well-watered and fertilize as you would your other garden plants. We recommend mulching the base of all fruit trees. If you have livestock, you can use the spent bedding as a mulch. This will provide a continuing source of nutrition, conserve water and keep them roots warm during the winter months

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