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Cestrum Nocturnum is a perennial flowering shrub native to Central and South America. This rapid grower can easily reach 10-12 feet in height and usually must be trimmed back to maintain desired size, particularly if grown indoors. Cestrum nocturnum reproduces by seeds and stem cuttings that can be rooted in plain water. Therefore, trimming can be a time to multiply your plants. Cestrum nocturnum is commonly known as Night-blooming Jasmine, Night Queen or Lady of the Night. These names derive from cestrum nocturnum’s habit of blooming at night. The greenish white flowers of Night-blooming Jasmine are among the most fragrant in the world. Cestrum Nocturnum’s flowers resemble those of nicotiana alata, which is similarly named, Jasmine Tobacco. Jasmine Tobacco is also white-flowered, fragrant and blooms at night. Another commonality is that cestrum nocturnum, like tobacco, is a member of the nightshade (Solanaceae) family. Although it blooms at night, cestrum nocturnum is so potent that it is still fragrant during the day. To some, the scent is overpowering to the point that it can cause dizziness. Some growers say that the scent helps repel mosquitoes. Cestrum nocturnum produces white berries. The unripe berries are considered to be poisonous. But it seems that there is a tradition of shamanic use of the fresh or dried flowers in Nepal. The shamans there call it hosanna. Little is known in the Western world about the use of this plant in that way, and all parts of the plant are generally regarded as poisonous. Ingestion can be lethal.

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