Morus Nigra (Black Mulberry) Seeds


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Black Mulberry is one of the most productive sources of fruit in zones 7-10. Ideal for permaculture, mulberry trees can grow quickly once established. They can take up to ten years to fruit, but they ultimately produce bounties of berries, especially compared to raspberry and blackberry bushes. Mulberry trees become full sized trees, not just bushes. They are a good long-term investment. Even the leaves can be used medicinally. They are the sole food source for silkworms, and they also help support bird and animal life. They can tolerate light shade. Multiple trees may help increase productivity, and they can be reproduced via softwood cuttings in the spring.  Plant in an area where the fruits can fall and be collected and where it will not create a mess, such as over a driveway or patio.  Instead an area with low grass may be more ideal, especially since it can insulate falling berries.

Growing Information: These seeds benefit from cold stratification. They can be naturally stratified outdoors over the winter or in early spring, or you can soak them in water for 24 hours and then put them in the fridge for 90 days before surface sowing.

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