Capsicum Annuum var, Glabrisculum (Desert Tepin Pepper) Seeds


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This tiny desert pepper is said to be hotter than the Dorset Naga, although Guiness Book of Records lists the Dorset naga as hotter. Known as the chiltepin or desert tepin, this pepper is a type of bird pepper. The chiltepin is very similar to the pequin. They are very tiny peppers that pack a lot of heat. We have reports of comparisons between the the tepin and the Dorset naga suggesting that tepin peppers are reliably hotter. Of course, growing conditions can easily affect the amount of heat a pepper produces. We make no claims as to which is the true champ, but there is no question that this is a must-have for the serious chili pepper enthusiast. We also carry Dorset naga seeds and many of the world’s hottest peppers, so you can test them for yourself and decide who the champ really is.

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