Capsicum Annuum var, Glabrisculum (Pequin Pepper) Seeds


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Pequin is a variety of bird pepper related to the Desert Tepin.  Pequin pepper are originally from the Americas, but they are now grown in Thailand. Classified as the “gabriusculum” variety of capsicum annum, pequin is about a third to half as hot as a habanero.  It is still considered among the hottest peppers in the world. The term “pequin” actually means tiny or small as in the Spanish word “pequeno”.  Bird peppers are small bite-sized peppers that are enjoyed by birds who do not feel the effects of capsaicin like mammals do. These tiny peppers are slightly longer and less round than their tepin cousins, typically measuring ½” in length and about ¼” wide.  They are typically sold dried, although they can be found fresh as green peppers in some cases. Dried pequin flakes can be smoked like chipotle. Pequin are used in hot sauces and hot oils, and they’re perfect for spicing up soups.

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