Vaccinium Vrigatum (Florida Rabbiteye Blueberry) Seeds


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Rabbiteye is a large variety of blueberry native to Florida and the Southeastern US. Theses hedgelike bushes can get as tall as 20 feet if left untrimmed. They bear generous crops of top notch berries. Rabbiteye bears fruit more towards early summer, which is later than southern lowbush. But established plants are very low maintenance. A perfect permaculture shrub, proper mulched rabbiteye blueberries can grow without regular supplemental watering, except in cases of drought. They also do not have complicated pruning requirements and are not usually susceptible to pests and disease in their native region. Cutting rabbiteye blueberries back to maintain manageable size and removing dead wood is recommended. But otherwise, the bushes are one of the least labor-intensive fruit trees you can grow. We offer Florida-grown Rabbiteye blueberry seeds. We harvest these seeds ourselves from a mature farm. Rabbiteye is also a contributor of genetics to the pink blueberries. They usually go from  white to green to pink to purple to blue as they mature. They can reportedly handle temperatures down to zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Growing Instructions: Soak the seeds in water for 24 hours prior to sowing. Ideally, the seeds should be cold stratified in the fridge for 30- 60 days or planted outside in the fall. Indoors, you can statify them in a moist paper towel or atop your planting medium in the fridge. After that period, the change to regular temperature should trigger the seed’s internal clock, making it believe it is springtime.  This can cause difficulty for some growers, but just keep the soil evenly moist and be patient. The seeds are very tiny, so they should be sown on the surface of the soil. Do not bury them, and keep them out of direct sunlight so the soil does not dry out.  Some shade during the early stages is ok, although these plants prefer full sun as they mature. They will also shade each other if grown in rows once they are larger. Younger plants should be protected from animals, but as they mature into full shrubs, they are relatively maintenance-free. You can opt to prune them to size for easier harvesting. The blueberries atop a mature bush are often very good quality, but it can be very time-consuming to harvest them. Leaving adequate spacing to walk around the entire bush will also help with harvesting.. A spacing of about 5 feet per bush is ideal. They will grow together like a hedge and do well in raised mounds mulched with wood chips every 2-3 years. Drip irrigation will help during dry periods.

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