Phalaris Aquatica (Harding Grass) Seeds


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Phalaris Aquatica (Tuberosa) is a perennial grass that reaches five to six feet in height and grows prolifically, especially around wetlands and marshes. It is commonly referred to as reed canary grass because it is grown as a bird seed. Phalaris A. is also used to feed cattle, planted as a form of erosion control and grown as an ornamental grass. It can be easily grown in clumps to provide inexpensive decoration for beds. Once established it requires no maintenance and can reproduce by seed or creeping rhizomes. To prevent spreading by seed, the tops can be cut off before the seeds are mature. Mature seeds can be harvested once the tops have dried on the plant.  WE ALSO OFFER LIVE PHALARIS “BIG MEDICINE” & “YUGO RED” CLONES

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