Phalaris Arundinacea “Yugo Red” (Reed Canary Grass) Seed Heads


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The Yugo Red variety is believed to be more beneficial as a grazing grass due to a lower content of the alkaloid gramine, something present in the plant which could be harmful to certain livestock.  It has attractive pinkish red seed heads that make it an ideal ornamental grass. Given good rich soil and plenty of water, this grass will grow like crazy.   As the clump is grown out, its rhizomes will spread, sending out genetically identical plants.  Any seeds that come about will usually produce plants with similar, but not genetically identical traits.  These plants have been grown in proximity to the “Big Medicine Strain”, which is another sought-after variety of phalaris arundinacea. We purchased our original plants several years back.  This is a very rare product, but we are offering the public a a chance to collect these normally private genetics.  WE ALSO OFFER LIVE PHALARIS “BIG MEDICINE” & “YUGO RED” CLONES

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