Oregainum Vulgare ssp Hirtum (Greek Oregano) Seeds


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Greek Oregano is a true oregano with a high level of spice, especially in warmer climates and with older plants. Greek Oregano can be used fresh or dried and is the preferred type if you are looking to use fresh oregano leaves, such as in salads. Italian oregano is a hybrid that is more related to marjoram and has a bitter flavor. When grown in ideal conditions, Greek oregano will burn your tongue slightly like other members of the mint family, a sign that it is producing high levels of its renowned essential oil. Oregano oil is a great natural anti-septic, anti-viral and anti-fungal. You can use oregano oil to treat foot fungus, mouth infections, parasitic infections, UTI’s, yeast infections and much more. Oregano oil has even shown to kill certain bugs and pathogens, including MRSA, that are resistant to so-called modern medicines. if you have a cold or flu, try taking some oregano or oregano oil. Due to these properties, adding oregano to food could help reduce the possibility and symptoms of food poisoning.
Greek Oregano is an easy-to-grow perennial herb that will come back each year, even in cold climates. So even if you have a brown thumb, you should still have plenty of oregano each year once you get it started. Oregano is best grown in clumps with some type of border to keep the clump from spreading too far. An arrangement of flagstone pieces around the base of the oregano plant will work, or you can use traditional bed edging. Oregano also works well as a groundcover for taller plants. You can let it run between your other plants. Oregano will help reduce weeds if used this way, and it will keep the soil from drying out and raise the humidity. Oregano plants produce purple flowers that attract pollinating bees and butterflies to your garden. Oregano will also attract hoverflies, which look like tiny bees. Since hoverflies prey on aphids, planting oregano can also help reduce the chance of an aphid infestation in your garden. You can pull up pieces of the main oregano clump to propagate new oregano plants and give them to your friends and relatives. The best oregano herb comes from the young shoots before the plant has flowered because it does not have woody stems in it yet. if the plant is harvested regularly, it will not have a chance to go to flower, and you will have a constant supply of fresh shoots. You may also want to let some stalks flowers in order to cash in on the plant’s benefits as a companion plant. But if you do let it flower, you can still collect the leaves below the flowers by clipping a good section of stalk below the flower. The leaves can easily be removed by turning the stalk upside down, gripping and sliding your hand sown the stem. As you do, the leaves will easily fall off the stems. If the leaves are dried, this is even easier, but then you will want to wear gloves to keep your skin in tact. The dried nodes of the plant can be quite rough if you are doing this repeatedly. As with all of our seeds, we offer NON-GMO oregano seeds.

Growing Information: Oregano seeds are very tiny, so you do not want to bury them at all. Sow your oregano seeds on the surface of moistened soil, press them in lightly and spray them again lightly.  You can start oregano seeds indoors ahead of time, but it is probably easier to start them outside after the last frost because they will be used to the climate outside as they grow up, and you will not have to “harden off” your seedlings.   Outdoors provides good ventilation too, which will help prevent young seedlings from damping off. Optimal germination occurs when the soil is between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Oregano seeds are best off being started in containers because the seeds are so tiny. They could easily wash away if sown direct, and it is harder to control the moisture of the ground. Growing oregano in a pot initially will also give you a nice clump that you can transplant to the ground.   Planting cells will also work well for growing oregano. The seedlings will be very tiny to start, but once you get past the beginning, oregano is very easy to grow.  Allow your seedlings to grow together and transplant to your garden when the pot is full.  Oregano can handle full sun, but you can grow it in less light, especially if you’re using it as a groundcover.  The seeds can be started in most fertile soils that you’d use for your garden.  Oregano can handle some drought, and it may even help bring up the oil content of the leaf as the plant becomes stressed.  For more tender leaf, water regularly, but still somewhat sparingly.

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