Monstera Borsigiana Albo (Deliciosa) – LIVE PLANT


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is one of the most valuable and south-after plants by rare plant collectors. Our mission has always been to bring the most unique selection to our buyers. We have a limited supply of highly variegated plants. These do develop the “Swiss cheese” type leaves. But this high level of contrast makes them the type people really want.  Monstera Borsigiana Albo grows very easily in Florida, loving the heat and humidity. But they grow rather slowly, especially in other parts of the country, which adds to the scarcity. We are offering cuttings with at least 2 leaves each and a root.

Growing Information: Monstera Borsigiana Albo plants enjoy a very airy soil, that contains, nutrient-rich loam and a mix of fluffy substrate such as coir, peat or spaghnum moss. This is added for soil drainage, which is an absolute necessity. The roots do not like to be in any type of standing water and prefer good oxygenation. This plant is prone to sending out long aerial shoots, which can absorb humidity through the air. Make sure your container is very large to support the huge leaves and long roots and that it has plenty of holes for drainage. They do well in hanging baskets in indirect sun to partial shade while enjoying high heat and humidity. We have used orchid baskets made with natural fiber. They allow the root to grow through the basket, but they do have to be watered frequently. When you have the correct conditions, these plants are rather easy to care for.

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