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We are offering small lychee fruit trees. Lychee is a popular Asian fruit that has pink bumpy shell with a firm but juicy jelly-like fruit inside covering a single brown seed. The fruit resembles a firm grape with a sweet floral, fruity taste. Lychee is a member of the soapberry family. These exotic morsels are not always readily available and can be quite expensive, so having your own tree could be really exciting. Lychee is a tropical fruit, best suited for zones 10A-11, but they are being grown with protection in the winter elsewhere in the U.S. Once your lychee tree has become firmly established, it can withstand brief temperatures down as low as 26 degrees. Even with hardy fruit trees, it seems letting them grow in large containers for several years and keeping them heavily pruned, will give you a better fruit set in the long run.  Lychee is self-fertile. But two trees will always give you better fruit set with just about any fruit you grow. These trees can reach full size, up to about 20-40 feet after many years. The foliage is an attractive dark evergreen leaf, so it will double as an ornamental. Lychee is not likely to be one of those plants your neighbors are growing, so it is definitely a good choice if you’re looking for something a bit exotic or out of the box.

Growing Information: Lychee requires a fertile well-draining soil such as a sandy loam. It does not like to be in standing water. It should be container grown for at least 3 years, but longer is better, especially in area that are not tropical. It does best in areas with 50-80 of rain per year, so you can use that a gauge to determine how much water you’ll need to provide. Consider drip irrigation. Providing more consistent conditions for your trees will help them to do better in the long run.

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