Musa Acuminata (Dwarf Orinoco Banana) – LIVE PLANT


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Up for sale is one Dwarf Orinoco Banana Plant. Originally from Venezuela, dwarf Orinoco is an awesome variety for its size, hardiness and versatile fruit. These plants will usually only get to be 6 to 10 feet, which makes them suitable for indoor or greenhouse growth. They are also cold hardy down to about zone 7b. The bananas are short and thick, and they also have a thick skin that keeps them from splitting like other short bananas. The fruit has a firm texture which makes them good for cooking and frying. But when they’re fully ripe, they are eaten fresh. They’re sweet, sometimes with undertones of strawberry. Very limited supply. These plants are about 9 to 12″. We also offer larger GRAND NAIN BANANA PLANTS.

Growing Information: These plants enjoy some shade when young, but will enjoy full sun as they mature. Plant in a well-draining soil with plenty of organic matter. Feed heavily and mulch the base of the plant. Keep well-watered as long as it is not in standing water.

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