Ipomea Tricolor (Blue Star Morning Glory) Seeds


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Blue Star morning glory has huge blooms, which can span over 4″ in diameter. These ultra light blue saucers are streaked with five sky blue marks spaced around a yellow stamen in the center, giving the appearance of a 5-pointed star with a glowing yellow center.  This easy-to-grow flowering vine produces, as the name suggests, sizable saucer-shaped blooms. Climbing as high as 10 feet, this abundant bloomer is perfect for decorating mailboxes, fences, trellis and handrails. You can even plant them in weeded areas to or tall grass to give color to unkempt areas. This is how they typically grow in the wild. They seemingly find their way through any type of competition as long as they are given a solid start. The plants produce numerous seed pods each containing four to six seeds, which should easily allow the plant to reseed itself for the following season. The seeds are the same species as Heavenly Blue or Flying Saucers. The seeds were used by the Aztecs for divination. They called the plant “tlitliltzin,” beleiving the seeds would help them communicate with the Sun Gods. This picture was taken in summer of 2019 of a flower grown from our seed stock.

Growing Information: https://www.worldseedsupply.com/world-seed-supplys-easy-guide-to-morning-glory-growing/

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