Solanum Lycopersicum (Yellow Cherry Tomato) Seeds


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Cherry tomatoes are in the nightshade family, which is the same family that contains atropa belladonna, solanum nigrum, tobacco and datura. Even though these other plants are poisonous, the nightshade family is created based on characteristics of the flower rather than edibility. This variety of cherry tomato produces yellow fruits. Cherry tomatoes are very easy to grow. This is a good plant even for beginning ggrowers or children. You do not need quite the same skill as growing full-sized tomatoes because the fruits are small and bountiful. This seems easier for the plant to produce than putting the energy into full-sized tomatoes, and they mature faster.  Plants will keep producing throughout the season.  You can still follow the same practices as for growing full-sized tomatoes, but cherry tomatoes are more forgiving. Yellow cherry tomato plants will usually produce more tomatoes than you will harvest. If enough tomatoes fall, it is common for these plants to reseed themselves. Ideally, you should practice crop rotation with nightshade plants, but it is still possible to grow them in the same area in successive years.

Growing Information:

Sow your yellow cherry tomato seeds about 1/8″ deep in a seed starting or potting soil. You can start them in starter pots or in trays.  Some people direct sow by sowing a few seeds in each spot, but you will waste more seeds doing that. You can start seeds indoors, but be sure that you have good enough light so that the seedlings do not stretch while they’re inside. it may seem like they are growing fast, but this is called etiolation, and it is a response to low light. The plant thinks it is being buried by the competition and tries to grow taller in search of light. But etiolation creates a weak base that can cause stems to break. You also must take care not burn your tomato seedlings when you eventually put them outside. You will need to gradually acclimate seeds to the outdoors.  You might squeeze out an extra few weeks of harvest if you start indoors, but you could also ruin your first round of plants if you do not properly provide light during that time and after transplanting outdoors. Cherry tomatoes grow fast enough that they can be grown outdoors with enough time enjoy harvesting without needing to start indoors. Cherry tomato plants can be crowded together with a good yield. But a spacing of 2-3 feet is recommended. The airflow between plants can help prevent disease. Mature plants should be supported, although they are more forgiving than heavier tomatoes.  You still want to keep the plants from making contact with the dirt as much as possible. Mulching is recommended as a soil (pathogen) barrier, moisture retainer and weed barrier.

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WARNING: Despite this plant?s beauty, this plant contains compounds that are poisonous if ingested. Do not ingest for any reason and keep away from curious pets and children. Do not attempt medicinal use unless under the direction and care of a physician.

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