Coryphantha Macromeris (Dona Ana Cactus) Seeds


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Members of the coryphantha genus are commonly known as Beehive Cactus. Macromeris is a short, clustering species with pink to soft purple flowers whose centers are yellow. They typically measure around three inches in diameter. Its nipple-shaped tubercles have earned it the nickname, Beehive Nipple Cactus. However, some botanists and collectors also classify it as a mammillaria with the same species name. Macromeris is native to the Chihuahuan Desert along the Rio Grande border in northern Mexico as well as in southern Texas and southern New Mexico. Its clumping habit makes it a good candidate for propagation through dividing and then individually rooting clumps. It is one of several coryphanthas reportedly used as a traditional sacrament by those who called it names such as Bakana,” “Bakanawa,” “Hikuli,” or “Wichuri.”  However, historical information about its sacramental use among tribesmen is somewhat ambiguous. A cold hardy species, c. macromeris can survive weather dipping as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit. It enjoys full sun to light shade. An alkaline, porous soil should be used to provide necessary drainage, and watering from below potted cacti so the water wicks up through the soil is recommended. Grafting on to faster-growing root stocks such as pereskiopsis, San Pedro and blue myrtle will also increase growth rate.

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