Solanum Lycopersicum (Everglades Wild Tomato) Heirloom Seeds


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Everglades wild tomato is a natural variety of cherry tomato suited to handle hot humid climates where growing nice tomatoes can be problematic. Everglades wild tomatoes are resistant to the pests and diseases that complicate organic growing in tropical and subtropical climates. It is a combination of their smaller size and natural resistance that makes Everglades wild tomatoes easier to grow. These bite size morsels are packed with sweet, tangy, pleasantly acidic flavor, and they are about the size of a cherry tomato when in the ground. But some fruits can be even closer to the size of a blueberry if grown in small containers. This presents new opportunities in the kitchen, including creating different types of tomato salads. They go great on kebabs without becoming watery.
Everglades wild tomatoes are easy to grow overall and will also do well anywhere other tomatoes grow. They are indeterminate, so you will continue to get tomatoes all season long. They start fruiting rather quickly, which means you can start them late in the season if you had a previous crop in your garden space or just didn’t get around to planting. They’re also a good option when it might be too late to bring other tomatoes to maturity. You can enjoy tomatoes all season long, and as a bonus, they have a tendency to reseed themselves. So you can plants these once and have tomatoes all season for years to come. This is a great choice in terms of output relative to input. TOP CHOICE PERMACULTURE PLANT!
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Growing Information:

Florida Everglades is a very easy-to-grow tomato. The seeds can be  sown on the surface of the soil or with a thin dusting of soil to cover. This tomato will grow in moist soil types, but a sandy loam will provide great results. They can be container grow even in relatively small container, down to 1 gallon. Small containers will dry out quickly. in hot sun. But they would prefer as much space as you can provide, and both plants and fruits will be larger with more space. Plants tend to reseed themselves in subsequent years, and you may even find them hitchhiking in your pots if left nearby.

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