Capsicum Chinense (Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Pepper) Seeds


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The Trinidad Scorpion Moruga is a form of the Trinidad Scorpion that surpassed the Dorset Naga as the world’s hottest pepper in 2012 by an astounding margin. The hottest naga (a.k.a Ghost chili) was recorded at 1,032,310 SHU. The Trinidad Scorpion Moruga tops off at 2,009,231 SHU on the Scoville scale. Although the Dorset Naga formerly held the heat record, specimens of the standard Trinidad Scorpion have traditionally held up to the heat of the naga according to many anecdotal reports. So it is not surprising that when the potential of the Trinidad Scorpion is pressed it could yield a pepper that surpasses the Dorset Naga. The Trinidad Scorpion derives from Trinidad and Tobago as the name suggests. The “scorpion” nickname pertains not only to the peppers stunning sting, but to the sharp tail on the bottom of the fruit. The Trinidad Scorpion is a form of capsicum chinense like habaneros and naga peppers. The Trinidad Scorpion Moruga has a sweet undertone to what develops into an unrelenting and excruciating mouth burn. The heat is certainly noticeable from the first taste. It may seem bearable to an experienced pepper enthusiast. But anyone who tastes will soon be forced to submit to the potency of this pepper. If you have ever thought a pepper was hot in your life, than you will certainly find this one to be hot. We are talking about the hottest in the world.

Warning: Direct consumption of these peppers can be dangerous. Even handling the seeds can cause irritation.

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