Acacia Simplicifolia (Syn. Acacia Simplex) Seeds


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Acacia Simplicifolia, which is synonymous with acacia simplex, is perhaps the most desirable of it genus. Its seeds are extremely rare, yet coveted by many of the most cultured exotic plant collectors. Acacia simplex is a tree, growing up to 12 meters. Simplicifolia’s phyllodes, elliptical in shape, are also thick, smooth and glossy. It is native to the SW Pacific islands, such as Vanuatu and New Caledonia, and it also reportedly grows in Argentina. They can be found growing on sandy shores, spreading high and wide. Acacia Simplicifolia is also used in fishing because it has toxins that can stun fish without harming humans. We are proud to offer these fresh extremely rare acacis seeds.

Growing Information:  This species can be germinated similar to acacia maidenii but with a little extra attention. Start out by sanding or nicking the seed coat to allow moisture to penetrate. Be sure not to go too deep that you damage the embryo. Heat some water to about 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Add about 1/8 bleach, and let the seeds soak for 15 minutes. Afterwards, place your seeds in a folded damp paper towel. Be sure the towel is only damp, and not overly moist. Cover the seeds lightly with plastic wrap in a clean place with the nicked side facing down. Maintain a temperature of 70-80 degrees. The seeds should swell after a day or two. Any seeds that fail to do so should be nicked again and soaked in the bleach water solution. If a seed develops mold while in the paper towel it can be resoaked in bleach water to kill the mold and may still sprout. Just be sure to keep it isolated from the rest if this happens. Seeds can be transplanted to a well-draining seed starting mix once they have developed significant tap roots.  Also check out our guide on The Hot Water Tek.

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