Acacia Longifolia (Sydney Golden Wattle) Seeds


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Acacia Longifolia is another of several acacia seed species we offer along with acacia maidenii, acacia simplicifolia and acaica confusa. Acacia longifolia seeds highly resemble those of maidenii, The seeds, along with the flowers and pods, are edible. Acacia Longifolia flowers are also used to produce a yellow dye. The color is due to the presence of kaempferol, a flavinoid that is found in a wide range of medicinal and edible plants.  The pods are used to produce a green dye. This frost and drought hardy species is used to help control soil erosion because it has an expansive root system. It usually prefers the sandy soils of the Australian coast, and it can reportedly withstand temperatures dipping into the twenties.  Longifolia can even be used as a grafting stock for other acacia species. Plants can be reproduced by stem cuttings.

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