Zea Mays (Jerrey Peterson Blue Corn) – Non-Gmo Organic Seeds


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We offer Jerry Peterson Blue Corn seeds, which produce navy blue and white kernals. This dent corn is a great ornamental variety when allowed to dry in the fall. The plants standf up to 7 feet with ears that measure about 8″. These blue corn kernals are also used to make popcorn as well as blue flour and cornmeal. These are organic, open-pollinated, non-GMO corn seeds.

Growing Information: Sow your blue corn seed as early as possible once the soil temperature has reach 60 degrees F.  You can plant ornamental corn a bit sooner than sweet corn.  Sow the seeds 7″ apart at a planting depth of 3/4-1″. Arrange your blue corn plants in blocks rather than long rows. Space rows about 3 feet apart with at least four rows in a given area. Having multiple rows of corn allows for better wind pollination and yield. Planting corn too far apart can detract from the wind’s ability to fertilize your corn, moving pollen from the tassels to the silk. This variety will mature in about 100-105 days. Harvest the ears once they have begun drying on the stalk, which may be after frost has set in.  Some growers will bring them in to finish harvesting, but it is important that popcorn be fully mature, meaning the kernals are hard and glossy. Proper moisture content for popcorn kernals is about 18%.

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