Peganum Harmala (Syrian Rue) – 10X Resin Extract


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Peganum Harmala, also known as harmal or Syrian rue, is a bright green perennial that is native to the eastern Mediterranean through to eastern India. In the Middle East, particularly Iran, it has been considered sacred since pre-Islamic times and has served a wide variety of purposes. It is believed to purify both the mind and air. In Turkey, dried plants are hung as protection against the “evil eye”. The seeds are also used to make a textile dye called Turkish Red. In Iran, the seeds have long been used for smudging as part of the incense they call “espaend”. The plant and seeds have also been used medicinally and as a spice. In high doses, it has been used to induce abortion. Despite its purported medicinal uses, the seeds are extremely dangerous to ingest because they contain MAOI’s that can prevent the breakdown of toxic substances, rendering certain foods and medicines toxic. The plant was reportedly introduced into the U.S. in 1935 after a traveler fascinated by the seeds he found on a trip to Europe took them home and planted them in New Mexico. The seeds escaped cultivation and can now be found growing wild in several western states. The plant rarely grows above one meter, eventually blooming five-petaled white flowers that give way to partitioned seed capsules containing numerous seeds. The seeds can be harvested by allowing the capsules to dry and harden in the sun.

This is a 10X resin extract. This product can be used to make a blacklight-responsive dye by boiling in water.

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