Combretum Quadrangulare (Sakea Naa) 100X Extract Powder


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Combretum Quadrangulare, known locally as Sakae Naa, is a well-kept herbal secret that we are proud to be able to share with you. Combretum grows wild in areas including Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, and it has stayed largely within those borders even in this inter-connected modern world. It would seem that we would already know about all the interesting plants by now. But even where it grows, it is usually not sold at market. Its use seems to be relegated to the select few who collect or grow it. As it has extended beyond those initial boundaries, combretum has been marketed as a mood enhancer and pain herb. Combretum appears to have anti-microbial properties and has been traditionally used against venereal disease. Sakea Naa contains combretol and gallic acid.

This product is a 100X powder extract, meaning 100 grams of combretum quadrangulare leaf were used to make one gram of this extract.  This does not always mean it will have the equivalent potency of 100g of herb. But this is a high quality ultra-fine powder extract that is easily soluble in water.  We also offer raw combretum leaf and leaf powder. CONTACT FOR WHOLESALE*

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