Pedicularis Grandiflora (Elephant’s Head) 10:1 Extract




Pedicularis Grandiflora is one of several pedicularis species used as a muscle relaxer, anxiety remedy and an aphrodisiac. It is often regarded as many times stronger than valerian. Nicknamed “Elephant’s Head”, this species lacks the large blooms of pedicularis densiflora and groenlandica.  As such, it is sold as a cut and sifted herb.   The entire plant is active. It is hemi-parasitic and feeds off the roots of a host plant. We are one of the few suppliers of this rare herb. We also carry other species of pedicularis seed and herb, including pedicularis densiflora, pedicularis racemosa and pedicularis groenlandica.

This is a 10:1 water-based resin extract. 10 grams of pediularis grandiflora herb were used to make each gram of extract.   We only have this product in limited supply.

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