Nicotiana Glutinosa (Tobacco) Seeds


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Nicotiana Glutinosa is a little-known species of tobacco whose seeds are relatively rare. This is unfortunate because glutinosa is probably one of the most beautiful tobacco species, with deep bell-shaped pink flowers that brim out into the star shape that is characteristic of the nightshade family. Nicotiana Glutinosa is a South American tobacco species that derives from Peru and Bolivia. The name “glutinosa” refers to the stickiness of the plant. Research has shown that the leaves contain diterpines that have special antifungal properties. Nicotiana glutinosa also attracts butterflies, birds and bees that can help pollinate your garden. Sources generically list this species as poisonous. But it is unclear if the poisons are anything other than the typical alkaloids found in most nicotiana species. One analysis in 1985, shows that the primary alkaloid in the leaves of nicotiana glutinosa is nornicotine, a precursor of nicotine, and that the leaves contain only minimal nicotine levels. The same analysis shows that the alkaloids found in the roots are primarily nicotine. The same analysis also showed small levels of anabasine and anatabine, which are also present in similar levels in other tobacco species, including nicotiana rustica and nicotiana tabacum. Anabasine is the primary alkaloid in nicotiana glauca (Tree Tobacco). Anabasine is known to have extreme effects that are distinctly different than those of common tobacco. If the levels of anabasine were high in nicotiana glutinosa, it would explain why sources might consider it poisonous. That would be in the same way that some sources would call nicotiana glauca poisonous (despite widespread traditional use in South America). And nicotine can rightly be called a poison, which would make other species of tobacco poisonous (despite widespread use worldwide), especially if ingested orally. But it is still unclear if the references to glutinosa mean that it is poisonous in the way that common tobacco is or if there are one or more other alkaloids or substances in the plant that make it poisonous in a different way. Unlike other species of tobacco, there does not seem to be a history of human use. But perhaps more than its other relatives nicotiana glutinosa can be esteemed as an ornamental flower and a source of antifungal diterpines.  WE CARRY OVER 30 TYPES OF TOBACCO SEED !!

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