Nepeta Cateria (Catnip) Seeds


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Catnip is an easy-to-grow perennial reaching up to three feet in height.  Growing your own catnip will easily give you a product that is far superior to anything you buy in the pet store. Upon budding, it produces clusters of small white to purple flowers. New plants tend to emerge the following season from dropped seeds. All parts of the plant contain potent aromatic oils that are best known for their narcotic-like effects on both wild and domestic cats. Naturalized in parts of North America, catnip is grown as an ornamental and is attractive to bees that will help pollinate flower gardens. Catnip is also used in culinary applications, as a smoking herb, for herbals teas, for aromatherapy as well as for a variety of medicinal uses. In herbal medicine, it has been used to calm teething babies and for other types of pain relief. It is also used as a mild sedative, a treatment for insomnia, a treatment for respiratory and stomach ailments and a treatment for fevers. ORGANIC LEAF ALSO AVAILABLE!

Growing Information: Catnip is very easy to grow. Seeds can be scattered outdoors in early spring on the surface of well-draining soil. They may also be started indoors in pots during the late winter and transplanted outside once established. Seeds dropped by plants in the fall are capable of surviving frost and are likely to grow in the spring. These perennials are cold hardy throughout North America. Plant them in full sun to partial shade.

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