Mussatia Hyacinthina (Chamairo) – Young Vine Bark


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Chamairo is one of our rarest herbs. Known botanically as mussatia hyacinthina, chamairo is highly esteemed as a potentiation herb in the Amazon. This herb was brought to our attention by a friend who makes amazing herbal products, and she said it was nearly impossible for her to find. Eventually, we did. Although most of the available information out there points to its traditional use as an admixture with one specific leaf. Chamairo vine can reportedly potentiate a wide variety of other herbs and is sometimes chewed with an alkaline substance for its own effects. This can be useful not only to individuals, but to companies developing herbal products where they need to consolidate the amount of an ingredient or find synergystic blends. Chamairo also seems to have some history of use to help stomach aches.

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