Ficus Benjamina (Weeping Fig Tree) Seeds


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Ficus Benjamina (also known as the ?Weeping Fig?) is the oldest Chinese Bonsai indoor tree, one of the best for beginners and it is relatively inexpensive. It is a Native of South-East Asia.. It can grow to a height of circa 97 cm, and can last up to 45 years as a houseplant. It produces a strong bark, weeping branches, and small bright green, oval leaves. This Bosai tree does not do great under sudden changes in location or climate. Room and temperature changes or drafts can result in some leaves falling and yellowing or browning of the leaves. Occasional leaves dropping (one or two a week) is part of normal tree shedding.

Pruning of Bonsai trees is done with extreme care. The Ficus Benjamina bonsai should be pruned in leaf pairs not too close to new shoot areas to minimize drying and damaging.

Growing information: These seeds are dormant, so germination will be stubborn and irregular by nature. Soak the seeds for 24 hours, then place in the fridge for 1-2 months. The seeds should be scattered on the surface of your potting mixture.  Keep them damp and provide filtered sunlight at about 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The seeds need light to germinate, so do not cover them. Seeds may take more than one season to germinate. The soil should be garden compost, water permeable and rich in humus. Fertilizer should be used only after the shoots come out and towards the end of the summer (depending on the climate). The growing period for a Ficus Benjamina is within the summer months and that is when watering is extremely important. It should be kept in a bright windowsill, but not in complete sunlight. Full sunlight will slows down the growth. Should be kept in a warm room with a temperature circa 68 degrees F, and be given plenty of water. If kept in a cooler part of the house, less watering is recommended. The winter months are the resting period, watering is needed only to keep the soil moist. It can be transplanted any time of the year.

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