Dendrobium Nobile 10:1 Powder Extract




Dendrobium extract derives from the stems of dendrobium nobile. This Asian orchid has been a long tradition of use in Chinese medicine stretching back over 2000 years for conditions ranging from asthma to diabetes to arthritis to gastrointestinal issues and more. Dendrobium was traditionally known as Shi Hu, a name that applies to several related orchids too.

Dendrobium has recently gained popularity in the U.S. as a bodybuilding supplement since it increases energy and may be able to help strengthen tendons and lubricate joints, which would make it useful both in performance and recovery. Unlike a lot of the stimulant ingredients used in these supplements, dendrobium has a long history of documented use that suggests low toxicity with the potential to benefit skin, eyesight, blood sugar, liver, stomach, spleen and overall physical fitness. If this is true, dendrobium may even help to counteract damage done by taking a lot of the more harmful substances people take to gain an edge in bodybuilding. In large doses, dendrobium can certainly have adverse effects. But dendrobium seems to assist in restoring fluids to the body, especially in the stomach and lungs. S uch qualities would seemingly have high value in the beauty and anti-aging industries, which is where a lot of development is taking place. It will be interesting to see the applications that develop as the popularity of this herb increases in the U.S.

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