Anadenanthera Peregrina (Yopo) seeds (PERUVIAN)




Anadenanthera Peregrina is an exotic Amazonian plant that is almost impossible to find outside of its native habitat.  Also, called yopo, anadenanthera plants are mimosoid plants that look a lot like mimosa hostilis. Anadenanthera peregrina seeds are virtually indistinguishable from Anadenanthera colubrina.  While both species are called “yopo”, anadenanthera peregrina is the true Yopo.  Anadenanthera colubrina seeds are more accurately known as “Cebil” seeds and are most likely only called “yopo” due to their identical appearance. Many times the two plants are confused because they can only be identified by mature trees or by scientific analysis. It is said that mature anadenanthera peregrina trees have a bumpy or “horny” bark whereas that of colubrina tends to be smooth.  Anadenanthera colubrina bark also tends to be darker. These seeds are for ornamental and craft use only.

We got these anadenanthera peregrina seeds direct from Peru where both species can be found. Lab tests have confirmed they are in fact genuine anadenanthera peregrina seeds. CONTACT FOR LARGER BULK DEALS!

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