Celastrus Paniculatus (Intellect Tree) Seeds


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Celastrus Paniculatus, known as Intellect Tree, is a remarkable Ayurvedic herb from the high elevations of India whose seeds are primarily used to enhance memory, concentration and cognitive function. Intellect Tree seeds have found a use among certain college students as a study aid when taken over time.  Users most commonly make the seeds into a tea along with some kind of sweetener, such as stevia. Some have reported an increase in dream activity after consuming celastrus seeds.  Some users have also reportedly used celastrus for depression, anxiety and as a blood cleanser. We bought these as germination grade although we do not specifically sell them for that purpose. herb grade. They’ve been separated and cleaned more than typical.They also have not been pasteurized, which would render germination impossible but they are sold primarily as a dried botanical, so germination is not guaranteed. Contact us for wholesale celastrus seeds.

Growing Information: Using Ga-3 is said to enhance germination as they can be stubborn.  Scarify the seeds and soak them for a day prior to sowing at a depth of twice their thickness. Cycles of wet and dry can help stimulate germination. 

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