Delosperma Bosseranum (Ice Plant) Mesembryanthemum Seeds


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Delosperma Bosseranum, aka  Ice Plant, is an easy-to-grow caudex mesemb that is native to Madagascar.  This fast-growing succulent has numerous, long skinny leaves, and with age develops a bulbous, woody root that sits above the soil line similar to many types of palm.  The plant produces very small white flowers and pods of tiny seeds.  In addition to seeds, the plant can be easily propagated through cuttings. Delosperma Bosseranum has at least one of the same active compounds as sceletium tortuosum (kanna) along with similar medicinal value and preparation methods.  It is said to have SSRI and stimulant properties.  And while sceletium tortuosum is the more popular one, bosseranum is reportedly more potent..

Growing Information: .Seeds should be sown in a fine, sandy soil at 70-75 degrees.  A commercial cactus potting mix with the larger debris strained out is ideal.  Flatten out the soil and put a thin layer of loose soil above it.  Sow the seeds on the surface.  Mist the soil to keep it moist and cover with clear plastic.  The soil should not be allowed to dry out while the plants are still seedlings.  Use a mister if the soil does get dry.  Place the seedlings in bright light.  Placing the seedlings just a few inches from a fluorescent bulb is ideal, although natural light works too.  Be sure to air out the seedlings once a day for best results.

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