CBD Pure Isolate Oil – 1 oz. Dropper Bottles (2000mg)


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We offer natural, lab-grade CBD isolate oil. Available in 1oz. dropper bottles, the oil is made with 99%+ lab grade CBD with an MCT oil carrier. The We also offer pure CBD isolate as a fluffy white powder in our shop, but the dropper bottle offers the advantage of roughly calibrating dosage without a scale, and it presents a more convenient and portable medium. We receive laboratory analysis for each batch to show that it is in compliance with legal guidelines and that there is no significant amount of THC left in the product.  With the THC removed, CBD will not give any type of THC effect.  The Farm Bill, signed by President Trump in 2018 exempts hemp-derived products such as CBD from the Controlled Substances Act, with the provision that the product contain less than .3% THC.  So the product is tested to be in compliance with that regulation.

We offer options of 1000mg and 2000mg per 1 oz. bottle. This page is for the 2000mg bottles. The mg refers to the amount of CBD in each bottle. Most commercial liquids contain 500,750 or 1000mg.  The fl oz refers to the volume of liquid per bottle. So each bottle is a 1 fl oz. bottle, but the 2000mg are twice as concentrated. 

One FULL dropper is approximately 1 ml by volume

1000mg bottles – Each 1ml contains just under 34mg CBD
2000mg bottles- Each 1 ml contains just over 68.5mg CBD

CBD has become one of the fastest-growing health compounds. With the spread of CBD’s numerous health benefits being disseminated at an almost viral level.  CBD has began appearing in shops and stores in every town across America.  CBD’s benefits have been popularized as a direct result of America’s acknowledgement of medical marijuana. As marijuana became more widely used as a medicine, its individual components were given more attention as well. But not everyone wanted a marijuana high, some didn’t want to break the law and sometimes kids had afflictions that might have been helped by marijuana or its compounds.  The media began featuring stories of children with epilepsy who were in this dilemma, which eventually led breeders in medical marijuana states to start developing cbd-only strains of cannabis, most famously the “Charlotte’s Web” strain. The name that is also shared with an iconic child’s book, only has trace amounts of thc that would not pose any risk of intoxication. From this, followed increasing media attention and a growing number of CBD products for those who sought only the effects of CBD itself. Gas Stations, health stores, beauty supply shops and vape stores are all among the types of stores where CBD products are common. Even major chains like Walgreen’s and CVS have begun carrying CBD products in various forms.  As an extreme example of this phenomenon, we have even seen CBD sold in an auto repair shop.  But while it may be conveniently available, it is often quite expensive.

One of the reasons we wanted to offer CBD was because we were tired of seeing people pay astronomical amounts for relatively small amounts.  It seemed as if businesses were capitalizing on a trend.   But that can be financially debilitating for some people who are interested in CBD.  We have seen and heard of bottles of CBD liquid selling for about $100-$125 per bottle. Most of those bottles do not contain more than a gram of actual CBD. Granted, there is a supply chain and a lot of additional production cost and logistics when it comes to a finished product,  But we wanted to offer top quality CBD at an affordable price.


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