Capsicum Annuum (Cubanelle Pepper) Seeds


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The Cubanelle is a sweet pepper related to the bell pepper that is especially popular in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.  Cubanelles are longer than bell peppers with thinner flesh and more wrinkles.  They are often considered a type of banana pepper with a mild flavor that can sometimes carry a touch of spice along with its sweetness.  Cubanelles have a glossy skin that starts out greenish- yellow and develops into a reddish orange with age over the course of its 65-day growth cycle.  Most often, cubanelle peppers are used while they are still yellow.  But they can be used at any point.  Cubanelles can substitute for various other peppers in a wide array of dishes.  They are especially good for stuffing, pickling or adding to soups, salads and rice dishes.   Thin walls and a low moisture content make cubanelles a great choice for frying too. They are even used like Poblanos to make mole sauces.  An average cubanelle pepper measures six inches in length, and plants average 1.5-3 feet in height with an 18”-24” spread.

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