Camellia Sinensis (Tea) – LARGE LIVE PLANT


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We are now offering a limited supply of larger, 1-gallon size tea plants. These plants are of flowering age, and will be about 18” in height.  This is the plant used to make green and black tea (camellia sinensis). The leaves are a significant source of caffeine. In addition to the leaves that can be made into tea, this plant is also known for it’s fragrant blooms, which come late in the season. Tea plants like an area with some shade for the highest quality leaves, but they can be grow in full sun. The highest quality green tea is usually grown under shade cloth. A stressed plant is likely to have more bitter tannins. Tea plants are fairly tolerant overall and can withstand light frosts. But for a better quality leaf,  you should ideally provide a shaded area with some morning sun, regular water and an acidic, nutrient-rich soil. Tea plants can also be grow in pots indoors and outdoors similar to coffee plants.

Growing Information: These plants enjoy some shade with early sun. Plant in a rich, acidic soil with plenty of nutrients and keep well-watered.

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