Calliandra Angustifolia (Bobinsana) Bark Chunks


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Calliandra Angustifolia, commonly known as bobinsana, is another one of the Amazon’s secret plants that is virtually unknown to outside civilization. We are proud to bring this rare botanical to market where it can be appreciated by the rest of the world. This Amazonian member of the mimosa family features attractive pink flowers like those of albizzia julibrissen (Silk tree Mimosa). Both the entire bobinsana plant and the gum it produces are used medicinally. Bobinsana is considered to be a teacher plant that is treated similarly to or used in conjunction with banisteriopsis caapi as an admixture plant. Bobinsana is typically used as a decoction or tea in its own right, and it is believe to act as an energizing tonic that is sometimes paired with ilex guayusa.  Bobinsana can also be prepared as an herbal bath. As an herbal remedy, bobinsana is most commonly used as a tonic for colds, rheumatism, arthritis and uterine issues.   Bobinsana  is thought to help support the immune system as well.  Some reports also indicate bobinsana is useful as a dream herb similar to calea zacaetchichi, entada rheedii and silene capensis. We offer high quality bobinsana bark chunks from the Peruvian Amazon. (This product is also available in powdered form)

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